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My Collection of Shoes – Vans, Vans, and More Vans

Is there something you love to collect? Or something you love and must have one of every kind? Do you love shoes or purses?  My love is Vans.  Shoes, that is.  I absolutely love Vans.  Whenever we are out of town, I look to see if a Vans outlet is near me.  What I love about the outlet, is that you buy a pair and get a pair 1/2 off.  The shoes are already at a discounted price.  I tell my family, that every time I am near a store, the store calls me and tells me I really need to stop by and see what they have in stock.  They don’t really call me, but, I do make a point to stop.  Of course, I always come out with 2 pairs of shoes.  

Vans Shoes


My collection of Vans are now over 19 pairs.  They are so comfy and so cute.  I’ve even got my youngest in love with Vans.  The problem with her, is that she is outgrowing shoes so fast.  Lucky for me, she wears the same size as me. So, if they no longer fit her, they become mine.  Hehehe!  I have slip-ons, black patten leather, suede, pink and white polka dots, blue, black, white, floral, hawaiian, grey, pink suede, and many more colors.  You just can’t have enough shoes, especially if they are Vans.  

One of the first times I ever remember seeing Vans was when I was in 7th grade.  All the boys in my grade that were skaters wore them.  I didn’t think much about them then.  What I do remember, is that those boys were always sweaty from skate boarding.  I have to admit it was probably in my 20’s that I came across them again.  My sister, parents and I did a cycling class and found that Vans were great shoes for that class.  From then on, they became one of my favorite brands of shoes.

Vans shoes

How do we even begin to start a collection or have a strong love for something?  Back in the 80’s I remember collecting stickers.  I loved that there were shiny stickers, puffy stickers,  scratch and sniff stickers, big stickers and little stickers.  Believe it or not, I still have that collection.  As I was going through a box from my childhood, I came across a collection of key chains and pins.  Every dance or event that we had at school had a pin.  My oldest son had a love of pins and would collect them.  Sometimes, we would be out at the store and he was about 4 0r 5 years old, and he would ask the workers if he could have their pin that was attached to their work smock.  Some would be more than happy to give him one.  He still has his collection as well.


I’m curious, what do you collect or what are some of your favorite things you have a love for? Share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “My Collection of Shoes – Vans, Vans, and More Vans

  1. I too love Vans. I used to have a pair just like those pink ones. I like the ones with hula girls too, very cool. I collect kids apparently, because I have 4. I also collect cats, somewhat against my will, they just show up hungry and in need of loves. Haha. Katie Lyn | Beauty and the Beaker

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