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Desktop Organizer – Plus a Light

Do you have a hard time keeping things organized on your desk?  Does it seem like there’s no room on your desktop?  Have I got a perfect solution for you.  This is such a cute desktop organizer and it’s all in one with a light included. While I found an idea on the internet that I liked, it didn’t really have good directions.  So I promise that I will give you good directions for making this desktop organizer.

Items needed:

6×6 piece of wood
Drill and bits
Sanding paper
Light kit
Light bulb

I went to my local Home Depot and bought my wood, drill bit, and my light kit.  It’s great that I can find whatever I need for my diys at my Home Depot.  I cut my wood to the length that would fit nicely on my desktop.  Mine is about 11 inches in length.  

Then drill a hole on the left side where the light would go using a 1 3/8 drill bit.  This made the light fit perfectly.  Make sure you go all the way through the wood.  

I then used the 3/8 drill bit to drill a hole that would hold a pencil or a pen. I made several of these holes. You will only need to go about half way through for pencil and scissor holes. Next use the 3/4 drill bit to drill a hole for your scissors.  Sand the areas that need sanding and then stain  your wood whatever color you would like.  You can leave it the same color, stain, or paint the wood.  I added a stain and then let it dry.

Once your wood is dry it’s time to assemble the light.  It’s super easy to do.  All you need to do is unscrew the silver side screw and wrap the ribbed wire around it and screw back tight.  Then take the other wire and do the same thing except to the brass color screw.  You will have extra pieces in your light kit that you will not need for this project.  Place the plug through the hole and the light will rest nicely on top of the wood where the on/off switch will be.  I bought a really cool vintage light as my light bulb.  Screw in the light bulb and you’re all set.  In addition to the holes on top, I cut a little niche in the wood near the bottom of the light so that the wire wasn’t directly under the wood.  Because who wants a rocky organizer.

desk light organizer

Now here is a picture that correlates to the directions.  However, since I posted this, I did make a few modifications.  The holes needed to be a little bit bigger to hold more pens and scissors.  Therefore, I just used the 3/4 drill bit for the holes.  This was great that I could have a few more items in the desk organizer.

So, here is the organizer with the modifications.

light and desktop organizer

I am super happy with the way it turned out.  Furthermore, I love that I can have an organizer and a light in one.  It definitely saves room on my desktop.  

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