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Our family enjoys playing cards and playing board games, especially in the summertime.  Sometimes, game night might just be two of us or it may be four.  But, no matter what we have a great time.  We generally play in the family room on a card table.  

I love how one of the newer scrabble game boards has a lazy susan mechanism attached to the bottom.  That way, the board can be turned to the next player and so on.    I’m not aware of any other games that have that awesome feature.  So, I got to thinking how could I make a board with a lazy susan type mechanism that would be great for all our games for game night.  We headed over to Home Depot, because surely they had the items we were looking for.


Lazy Susan gadget
Lightweight board
Screws 8, (1/2 in)
Nuts, 4

Washers, 4
Spray paint

We were able to find everything we needed for this game board at Home Depot.  There’s several options on wood choices and we decided to go with a fiberboard.  It cost about $7.00 with enough left over to make another game board for a gift.  The lazy susan gadget cost about $4.00.  So, all in all this was less than $10.00 to put together.  Actually, if you went a head and made two, it would run you about $7.50 per game board.  That is a great price and a unique gift idea.


As you can see from the pictures below, this is a long wide board. I took an average game board and measured it, then made my board a little bigger.  The game board I made is 18 1/2 inches. We cut that to size and then took a piece of scrap wood and cut it to 6 1/2 inches for the lazy susan to be attached to.  Sand cut edges and set game board aside.  Attach lazy susan to the 6 1/2 in. cut wood and set aside.  


Spray paint your game board your desired color and allow to dry completely.  Once dry, you will want to find the center of your game board so that you can attach the lazy susan piece to the game board. Before we attached the lazy susan part to the game board, my husband flipped the board over and drilled down slightly so that the screws would be flesh with the board.  

family games

Now, you can leave your game board blank or add some fun to it.  I have a Silhouette cutting machine and added game pieces and Game Night on top.  I then sealed it with a matte finish to keep it from peeling up.  If you do not have a cutting machine, you can use stickers and then apply a spray finish as well to keep them from peeling up.  


I absolutely love how it turned out!  Game time!


game night


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