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Orange Smoothie and Back to School To Do’s

It seems as though school just got out for the summer.  Yet, here were are starting back to school.  Our summer is now over and we will be back to a routine.  No more sleeping in and having no plans for the day.  As much as I may complain for a few days, I am always happy to be back to a normal schedule.  

My youngest begins middle school this year and that means no more snack time.  She has never been a big breakfast eater, unless dad is making waffles.   So, trying to get her to eat breakfast is always a challenge.  I didn’t worry as much in elementary school because she could have her snack anytime throughout the day and I would usually make it a healthy one.  School goes a little later into the afternoon and I know she will be so hungry when she gets home.  We needed a way to get her to eat breakfast.  She likes smoothies and I was able to combine a few recipes I had into one that would give her the nutrients she needs and to help keep her full until lunch time.  

orange smoothie and back to school list


Orange Smoothie


  • 1 can of orange juice concentrate
  • 1 T. honey
  • 1 c. vanilla yogurt
  • flax seed (optional)
  • protein powder (optional)


  1. Remove 1/4 c. of orange concentrate and set aside in refrigerator. Use remaining concentrate to make orange juice. Freeze 1 1/3 cups of orange juice in either ice cube trays or mini muffin tins. When ready to make: take the frozen orange juice cubes and place them in a blender with 1/4 c. orange juice concentrate, honey and yogurt. For extra nutrients, you could add in some flax seed or protein powder. Blend until smooth and enjoy! This will make approximately 2 (8oz) servings.
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orange smoothie and back to school list

What I love about smoothies is that she can drink it as she is getting ready in the morning.  

orange smoothie and back to school list

There’s a few things we do each night before bed that makes for an easy transition in the morning.

Making Mornings a Little Easier:

1.  Set out clothes and shoes the night before.  By doing this, you are not running around at the last minute looking for that one shoe that upped and walked away.  This was always a big help for me when I went to school.  I know I tried on many clothes trying to find the right outfit.

2.  Sign agendas and papers as soon as the kids are done with homework.  Homework always seems to be around the time we are preparing for dinner.  It’s so easy to forget to sign the agenda or important papers.  Make it a routine to do so after homework is complete.  

3.  Prepare lunch. Mornings will go so much smoother if you have as much of lunch put together as you can.  Have the children help to choose what they want in their lunches.  They will be more likely to eat their lunch if they get to help choose.

4.   Make sure backpack is packed and ready to go by the door.  Nothing like trying to stuff last minute items into the backpack as the bus is coming down the road.  I even set her coat beside her backpack on cold days.  

I hope everyone has a great year as we head back to school.  Share with me what makes your mornings easier and any simple breakfast ideas.  I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Orange Smoothie and Back to School To Do’s

  1. I find the going back to school a bit stressful, but this orange smoothie is not only going to make my mornings tastier, but also, sooo much easier! Thank you for this! 🙂

    1. Thanks! My husband likes to have everything ready to go for work in the morning. So he too likes to prep the night before. Thanks for stopping by!

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