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Patriotic Clothes Pin Wreath – Get your Patriotism on

Get a head start on your 4th of July decorations with this patriotic clothes pin wreath.  The great thing is, this wreath can be used for any patriotic holiday.  This was a simple diy that any do-it-yourselfer can have done in a short amount of time.  This patriotic clothes pin wreath might be something your children would like to help put together.   Also check out my patriotic shutter here.

You can purchase the following at Wal-Mart or any craft store.

Items Needed:

wire wreath
craft paint, spray paint
clothes pins – 25 white, 25 red, 10 blue
star die-cuts, stickers, or stencil

Spray paint your wire wreath white.  This will help to blend in with the colors you are painting the clothes pins.

patriotic clothes pin wreath, fourth of july

While your wreath is drying, spray paint or hand paint your clothes pins. You will need 25 red clothes pins, 25 white clothes pins and 10 blue clothes pins.  Now, I used spray paint for my red.  I just happened to have red spray paint on hand.  This was the easiest way to completely coat the clothes pins.  I had white and blue craft paint and hand painted the blue and white on the clothes pins.  This took a little more time in that I had to make sure the clothes pins were completely covered in the paint.  I highly recommend using spray paint.  You can generally buy spray paint for $0.99.  You do not need the more expensive spray paint for this project.  Using spray paint was less tedious.

patriotic wreath, fourth of july

Once your clothes pins are dried, begin to assemble the clothes pins on the wire wreath.   I placed the clothes pins on the 2nd ring of the wreath and it will attach to the first ring as well.  Place 5 red and 5 white in between the wire sections.  Add the red and white all around, leaving the upper left open for the blue clothes pins.

patriotic clothes pin wreath, fourth of july

Now for the stars, there are several different options you can use.  Again, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my stars.  However, you can use star stickers or a star stencil.  Add how many ever stars you would like on to your clothes pin.  I chose to add 4.  If you use stickers, I suggest you spray the clothes pins with a sealant so that you don’t lose any stars.  Once that is complete, add them to the left quadrant of the wreath.

patriotic clothes pin wreath, fourth of july

This patriotic clothes pin wreath would look great on your front door, over a mirror, on the wall or over the fire place.  So, as you can see, there’s so many great options.  This can be displayed for many of our patriotic holidays throughout the year.

patriotic clothes pin wreath, fourth of july

This is what your patriotic clothes pin wreath will look like when completed.  I added ribbon to the 2nd to the top wire and hung with a nail.  

patriotic wreath, fourth of july

As you can see, this was a simple and quick project that was fun to put together. Finally, I hope you have a happy holiday.

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