Patriotic Yarn Ball Lights: Red, White and Blue

Aren’t these the cutest patriotic yarn ball lights you have ever seen?  These were so simple and pretty quick to make.  I will admit, it is a little messy, but with proper set-up you won’t have any problems.  I love Patriotic holidays.  I am so thankful for the freedom that we have in this country. I am thankful for all those that have served and continue to serve our great country.  Also, I love the fact that patriotic decorations go along with my shabby, vintage, farm decor.  I am going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how I made these patriotic yarn ball lights that will look so cute inside or outside.  

Items Needed for Patriotic Yarn Ball Lights:

Red yarn
Blue yarn

White yarn
Liquid glue
Small balloons
String of lights

patriotic yarn ball lights

Step One:  Blow up balloons to the size that you would like the yarn balls to be.  I made mine about the size of a medium to large orange. For the 100 light strand size, I made 4 red, 4 white, and 4 blue balls.

Step Two: Cut each yarn color 4 times to however thick you would like the balls to be.  The nice thing is, if you didn’t cut enough, you can just add to it.

Step Three: Take glue and mix it with water to get a thin watery base.  Add one strand of yarn in mix at a time and wring out and set aside.  Do this until all strands have been dipped into glue mixture.

Step Four: Begin wrapping yarn around balloons until you get the thickness you would like.  Do this for all the balloons and allow them to dry overnight.

Step Five: Pop balloons and carefully pull through strands and toss in garbage.

patriotic yarn ball lights

Step Six: Add the yarn balls to the strand of lights.  As you can see above, I used the miniature clothes pins that I got from Walmart in the craft section.  These were just perfect to be able to attach to the wire and a piece of the yarn.  This will also be great when it comes time to store these because you can remove the yarn balls and place them in a box to keep them from getting crushed.

patriotic yarn ball lights

I am so excited how these turned out and how simple of a project it was.  What’s great is that we have Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June and then Fourth of July.  This is perfect to hang for any of these patriotic holidays as well as the other patriotic holidays we celebrate throughout the year.  I hope you have fun making this project!  What’s your favorite Patriotic holiday?  What are some traditions you do with your family for these holidays? 

Raquel, the rescue dog

How can I forget, Raquel, my bff who never leaves my side.  She was sitting right next to me as I typed up this post. 

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