What to take to the beach and a highlight of Destin

Do you make a list when heading to the beach so that you don’t forget the necessities?  I find that making a list is so helpful, because I am bound to forget things.  Some of these items are like no duh, but, there are a few things that have made my life simpler since adding them to the list.  There are other items that you definitely need to bring. However, I am just going to share a few that I love.


What to take to the beach:

Baby powder – Did you know baby powder removes sand from your body. People tend to forget to spray the tops of their feet with suntan lotion because they are covered in sand. That is a very tender area to burn. Trust me, it burns easily. All you need to do is sprinkle baby powder on the areas of your body that has sand on it and then brush off the sand.  It’s amazing how easy the baby powder removes the sand.

Grocery bag – Take a grocery bag to put all your trash into. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing peoples trash left all over the beautiful white sandy beaches. Guess what? There are garbage cans 50 yds from any direction that you sit.  Just this past week I saw a used bandaid, cigarette butts, baggies, inflatables that no longer worked, beer cans and wrappers.  It’s our job to remove what we bring to the beach.

Water – Fill a water bottle half way with water and place in freezer. Just before leaving, fill the rest of the way with water. You will have nice cold water that will stay colder longer.

Suntan lotion – Remember to apply and re-apply. The salty water and sand removes the suntan lotion quickly off your body. I also tend to find that I need a higher spf when at the beach.  Oh, and don’t forget sunblock for your lips.  Those burn fast. No one wants burnt lips.

Snacks – It doesn’t matter if you just ate a big breakfast or a big lunch.  Someone is always hungry. Who doesn’t love to snack? Freeze grapes before adding them to the cooler. Cut up apples before you leave and secure with a rubber band to keep from browning so quick.

Ziploc baggie – You need a ziploc bag to keep your phone, camera and car keys in. Definitely do not want to ruin your electronics because sand got inside of them.




Destin, FL – Did you know that several restaurants offer 2 for 1 on dinners if you sit down before 6:00 p.m. These are very nice restaurants too! One of the restaurants that offer this deal is “Ocean Club” right on Hwy 98. We had the best Grouper for dinner.   Here is just an example of part of the menu offered during the 2 for 1.  The portions are great.  Out on the patio the kids can feed the fish while they wait for dinner to arrive. Marina Cafe is also another restaurant on Hwy 98 that offers the 2 for 1 as well.



Destin, FL is one of my most favorite places to go for the beach.  Growing up, we would go to Nags Head, NC.  I loved Nags Head, but at the same time, that was all I really knew.  My parents showed us Destin and we fell in love.  The beach is so close, the sand is white and soft and the water is aqua.  I can see what’s swimming by my toes.  No more guessing if a crab might pinch my toes.  If you haven’t been to the panhandle of Florida, you are missing out.  



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