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Laundry Organizer – Vintage Tin Can Holder

How many of you do laundry and find random items as you are sorting out your laundry?  I am always coming across coins, lipstick, pens, pencils, and even small toys when the kids were little.  This seems to be never ending too!  If only I had a place to put these items as I was doing laundry.  Of course, I searched the internet for some cute storage ideas.  While searching, I came across a vintage tin can organizer.  Oh my goodness, this is such a cute and simple tin can holder.  I, of course, had to add my own touches to this organizer.  

These labels were printed off my computer and applied to tin cans in a matter of no time.  To find the vintage labels, all I did was search for printable vintage tin can labels.  I found some really cute ones.  What do you find when sorting laundry?  Surprisingly, I never found a worm or any other type of bug.   Occasionally, I get lucky and score without finding anything in their pockets.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often.  Prior to having this cute organizer, I would tend to find these items all over the laundry room, especially on the floor.  


vintage tin can holder



Supplies needed:

3 tin soup cans
slat of wood
coffee mug hooks
wire for backing


vintage tin holder



1.  Save tin cans from dinner – remove lids and wash thoroughly.

2.  Find and print labels off of computer on a color printer.

3.  Poke 2 holes into tin cans, one on each side.  I used a nail and hammered it in until it made a hole.

4.  Take slat of wood and add wire to the back with nails to hang onto wall.

5.  Tape labels to tin cans.

6.  Tie twine into hole on each side of can.

7.  Screw coffee mug hooks into wood.

8.  Hang soup cans on mug hooks.



vintage tin can holder

Didn’t this turn out cute?  I love vintage labels and it fits just perfect in my house.  Now, once a week I just empty the cans and have the kids put the items back where they belong. By the way, we have washed a few things that unfortunately couldn’t be saved.  We have sadly lost a cell phone! Nice thing about Nintendo DS games, they tend to wash well and dry well and still work.  Thank goodness!! Thankfully, I do not find chewed gum or other icky items the kids would leave in their pockets when they were younger.  

What do you use to keep your laundry findings in?  By the way, have you ever washed a crayon, pen or lipstick in the wash with your clothes?  Be that as it may, sometimes these items seem to make their way into the  washer.  If so, what do you recommend to get the stains out?  Maybe you have a magic solution you use that you would be willing to share with the rest of us.  

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