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Wall Organizer: Do you need this as bad as I do?

Wall Organizer:

I am a visual person and need to have reminders where I can see them.  Nonetheless, I needed a wall organizer.  I am terrible at remembering when a Dr.’s appointment has been scheduled, a hair appointment or where I placed my coupons.  I was tired of sticky notes everywhere as was my husband.   As a matter of fact,  I needed the reminders to all be in one place.  Somewhere for appointments, papers that needed to be returned to school, recipes for the upcoming week and of course the list can go on and on.

Therefore, it was time to  search the internet for something that would work in the space that I had available.  I found this unique diy wall organizer and designed it to my liking.  I had my list in hand and headed to Home Depot to see if they carried everything that I needed.  The first item I needed was the remesh sheet.  I found it with the concrete supplies.  Next up was spray paint and “s” hooks.  That was basically all I needed from the store. Yay! Now, I could begin my diy.

Items Needed:
Steel wire remesh sheet
spray paint
“s” hooks
wire cutters
hooks to hang remesh
small clothes pins

The picture below is the wire mesh.  It is fairly rusty so be sure to where gloves when handling it.

wall organizer

wall organizer


Determine how big you want your organizer.  I cut mine into a 5×6 grid.  This size seemed to work perfectly in my space.  Grab your wire cutters and cut where you decided.  Sand off rust and then prep to spray your mesh to whatever color of your choosing.  I chose a silver color.  I spray painted the mesh and let it dry.  Below is after I spray painted it.  

wall organizer


I used hooks to put the mesh in place on the wall and to help hold it down. It likes to bow out a little so I added 2 hooks up top and 2 at the bottom.  You can find the small clothes pins in the craft section at Wal-Mart.  They are the perfect size.  I had garland that I had used for a previous holiday that I thought would look perfect hanging over the mesh.  I draped that across the top and then randomly added the “s” hooks and clothes pins along the mesh so they would be ready when I needed them.

wall organizer


All in all, I am happy how this project turned out.  This was such a simple diy that took maybe 30 minutes to put together. You can decorate the mesh with lights, garland, boas, whatever you like.  I like that you can design this to your liking.
Also, this organizer is great to hang kitchen utensils, craft tools, craft supplies or tools. The ideas are endless.  Be creative and have fun too.  I was able to put this organizer together for less than $5.oo with enough mesh left over to either make another organizer station or to use for another project at a later date.  Of course, I will be making one for my daughter.  She also likes to have everything in one place.  Do you have an organizer that works great for you?

7 thoughts on “Wall Organizer: Do you need this as bad as I do?

  1. ohhh I totally love the way you put this together! I totally gotta make one of these for myself in the future xD

    1. Thanks! I love that you can add whatever you’d like for decorations. Whether it be lights, garland and so much more. It’s simple and takes no time at all to make.

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