White Vinegar – So many ways to use it

You won’t believe what white vinegar can do for you.  White vinegar has so many worthwhile uses, it’s unreal.  I always buy a huge bottle.  Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to buy a bigger bottle.  Therefore, go ahead and buy the big bottle.  White vinegar is great when cooking vegetables, eggs and other food items.  It’s also great to use as a disinfectant.  I’m sharing a few of the uses that I really like.  While I know there are so many more uses out there, hopefully you didn’t know about these.  

Ways to use white vinegar:

Dishwasher: Did you know you can use white vinegar to disinfect your dishwasher? All you need to do is pour about 1/2 c. into a bowl and set it on the lower rack and run a cycle.  

Shower heads: Add about 1/2 c. into a baggie and place over shower head and secure with rubber bands and let it soak all night.  

Bathroom:  Clean tiles with either straight vinegar for tougher mildew or dilute with water for less mildew.

Vegetables: Add water to your kitchen sink with about 1 c. of vinegar and place your veggies in the sink to remove any residue or dirt from the veggies.  Let soak for about 15 min.

Laundry:  Add 3/4 c. to your load of laundry.  This will help freshen up your laundry. It will also help with static cling and brighten up your clothes.

Flowers:  Add 2 T. to the vase with 1 t. sugar to help prolong the life of the flowers.

Ants:  Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray on ant hills.  

Scissors:  Apply a little vinegar to a cloth and wipe down scissors to remove any glue or tape that be stuck to them. Better yet, the sticky juice from an otter pop.

Blinds:  Find an inexpensive pair of cotton gloves and dip fingers into vinegar and wipe down blinds.

Carpet:  Pour vinegar onto dirty spot on carpet, then apply baking soda on top and let it sit for about 20 min.  Blot out spot and then vacuum.  This is by far the best cleaning trick yet for my carpets.

Laminate wood flooring:  Pour vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray floor and mop up. Simple! Great disinfectant.

Water bottle:  Do you have a water bottle that you use often?  Rinse it with vinegar to help keep the grime away.  Rinse with water.

Wood:  Want to stain wood with a vintage look?  Use vinegar and steel wool.  It’s a really cool color.

Sticker residue:  Dab area with vinegar to remove any sticky residue left over from a sticker.

Air Freshener:  1 c. water, 1 t. baking soda and 1 T. white vinegar.  Place in a spray bottle and spray when needed.

In conclusion, I think we can agree that vinegar is great to have in the house due to its many uses. I hope I was able to give you a few more uses for vinegar that maybe you didn’t know about.  Do you have a use for vinegar that I didn’t share?  I’d love to know what you use it for.






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